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The animal citizens of Treehollow have discovered a small, strange creature wandering alone in the forest: a human child! And they have no idea what it is. Clearly much too young to be on her own, it’s anyone’s guess how this mysterious being, named Tamberlane, ended up in their town of Treehollow.

Fostered by Belfry, the accident-prone bat, and guided by a colorful cast of animal characters, Tamberlane’s mysteries continue to unfold. But questions burn in everyone’s minds: who, and what, is she? And could she have something to do with the far-off and unspeakable taboo, Abroad?

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Rated PG for occasional simplified, cartoonish, non-sexual nudity.

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I found this web comic a month ago and I just can’t stop reading it. The characters and art are all so wonderful. I know a lot of hard work and time went into this, PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

— Ben B.

Tamberlane is a delightfully colorful comic with a diverse cast and an intriguing and heartwarming story. Reading Tamberlane is always a delight!

— Michael "Neon Noble" Nicolosi
Tales of Kalzeria

I happened upon Tamberlane around two years ago and was in a very bad place in my life. I just wanted a distraction from everything and wound up loving the comic so much it actually brightened up my bleak outlook at the time. It’s so genuine and sincere about all the topics it covers. 10/10 always read again!

— Wes Odom
Cute and Cuddly

Tamberlane’s story draws you into a world that in many ways resembles the fables of antiquity, with a country village full of talking animals leading simple lives. Yet there is also a mystery here, and Tamberlane herself is at the heart of it. What is she? Where does she come from, and how did she get there? Caytlin brings a very familiar, emotionally resonant aspect to the tale, making us feel all of Belfry the bat’s struggles in the unexpected, challenging role as a parent to the unusual child. Sit down and give this story a look — you won’t be disappointed.

— Jonas

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Tamberlane is also available in physical form! Each chapter is printed on luscious coated paper with gold foil on the covers and a hefty chunk of extra content unavailable on the website.

There's also e-book editions, keychains, enamel pins, stickers, t-shirts, prints, and more!

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安卓好用的vp n

Folks who support the Tamberlane Patreon get all sorts of goodies, including cameos in the comic, monthly postcards, and early access to next week's page! And that's only scratching the surface.

More than that, patron support helps me pay my bills and hire the help I need as a disabled woman to keep producing this comic. Every little bit helps tremendously!

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